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Little SHINee Fanworks Community
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The very first community dedicated for chibi!SHINee fanworks. When I say chibi, it means kiddo SHINee ^^
Contains sweet, pure, and innocent love of chibi!SHINee♥

April 2013
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brokenfin [userpic]

Author: phantomous
Rating: G-PG-13
Pairing(S): Parent!OnHo, Kid!JongKey

brokenfin [userpic]

.: On Kindergartens and Friends
.: Quiet Saturday Mornings
Author: minhosflower
Pairing: kid!Minho adult!Jinki
Rating: G

Found at keyminho

brokenfin [userpic]

.: Silver
.: Promise
Author mikssi
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jongtae

brokenfin [userpic]

Author: dubuholic
Pairing(s): OnJongKey
Rating: G

found at onkey

brokenfin [userpic]

Title: Playground
Author: squishyguns
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): chibi!Onew/Key
Summary: The playground contains many memories.

brokenfin [userpic]

Title: Lollipops or a Bags
Author: squishyguns
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Chibi!Jonghyun/Taemin
Summary: Did Jonghyun come to give Taemin a bag or candy...?

found at shinee_fluff

brokenfin [userpic]

1. Rainbow
2. Mistletoe
3. Thunder
4. Promise
5. Rain
Pairing(s): JongKey
Rating: G
Status: Ongoing

brokenfin [userpic]

brokenfin [userpic]

Welcome to the chibi SHINee community ^o^/

I create this community to fill the desire to read more fanfiction about chibi!SHINee. And when I said "chibi" it means SHINee as kids.

I'll post every each of fic I can found in any community in livejournal and post it in this community with direct link to the authors.

If one of you don't like any of your fic to be posted here. Please tell me. And I'll delete the post right away.

And if you somehow want to post it by yourself. I would be more than glad to accept it ^^. But please follow the rules :)

Now... enjoy ^ ^

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