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This comunity is dedicated for pure, sweet, and innocent love of little SHINee. 

I create this community to fill the desire to read more fanfiction about chibi!SHINee. And when I said "chibi" it means SHINee as kids.

I'll compiled every each of fic I can found in any community in livejournal and post it in this community with direct link to the authors.

If one of you don't like any of your fic to be posted here. Please tell me. And I'll delete the post right away.

And if you somehow want to post it by yourself. I would be more than glad to accept it ^^. But please follow the rules :)

1. Use LJ-cut for every each of your post (if you post it directly to the community). Don't know how? Then read this first.
2. You can post any fanwork like fanfic and fanart.
3.  Do member-lock the entries if it (somehow) contains mature material in it.
4. Everything posted in this community should be SHINee-centric.
5. Respect each others.
6. Tag your post properly.

         i.e: author:?, pairing:?, rating:?
    If you can't find the right tag, please leave a note on your post.
7. No plagiarism allowed!!
8. Please use this following template when you post your fanworks to keep the community clean and neat.

Have fun ^^
any question? please pm mod brokenfin
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